23 OCTOBER 1841, Page 9

At a meeting of the inhabitants of Leicester, in St.

Mary's Church,. on Thursday, a rate of ld. was proposed for necessary repairs. Ara amendment was moved, that the meeting be adjourned for twelve months. The amendment was carried, by 112 to 62. A motion was then made on the part of the Churchwardens, that the minority should impose a rate of Id.; and shortly afterwards the meeting separated, it seeming to be understood that the minority had undertaken to impose, the rate, though the legality of their so doing was questioned. In the- course of the proceedings, the Reverend John Brown, the Vicar, who occupied the chair, while recommending a unanimous vote in favour of the rate, observed—" He, for one, as a clergyman of the Church of England, wished that Church-rates were abolished, and something else substituted for them : be would heartily join them in taking constitutional means for abolishing them, and would petition both Houses of Parlia- ment, again and again, until they had effected their object."