23 OCTOBER 1841, Page 9



The most important fact connected with the Spanish rebellion is Christina's disavowal of the disavowal attributed to her by S. Olozaga. This counter-disclaimer was originally conveyed in a letter from her Secretary to the Spanish Ambassador, in which it is averred that the Queen's words were incorrectly reported. S. Olozaga said that he had paid especial attention to the words, though he would not vouch for the literal accuracy of his report ; but he requested that if he had falsified the meaning, lie should be told how. To that request no answer was re- turned. Taking characters into account, there can be no doubt as to whose evidence carries the most weight, Christina's or Olozaga's. On the original disclaimer of the disavowal, however, the Paris papers of Thursday base a declaration that Christina has formally disavowed" the words attributed to her by the Ambassador.

It is said that M. Olozaga has hinted once or twice to the French Cabinet that he was ordered to ask for his passports. A Minister said this evening, at the Opera, that the Government was resolved to give them to him as soon as he should ask for them.—Temps.