23 OCTOBER 1841, Page 9

The Paris correspondent of the Times, writing at six o'clock

on Thursday, asserts that the insurrection may be considered to be at an end ; for the principal leaders, including Montes de Oca, have been ar- rested, or have fled into France ; "the regiments" which had revolted have submitted; and the entire population of the country through which Rodil passed has submitted also. The Republicans of Bar- celona, however, are carrying on a little disturbance on their own ac- count, and have forwarded an appeal to the Republicans of France.

The fuller accounts of not quite so late a date represent O'Donnell as making head a little : he had taken Estella; General Ayerbe marched out against him from Pautpeluna on the 14th, too late to support Alcala ; who had retired, as well as Iturbe, to Hernani, their advanced guard being at Andoain. The Regent was to leave Madrid for the North on the 17th. The Espectador of the 12th says that Espartero had sent orders to Don Francisco de Paula to suspend his entrance into Spain.