23 OCTOBER 1971, Page 21

Sexy us

Sir: Let me hasten to smooth down poor Edward J. Bander's ruffled little conscience (Letters, October 16). Yes, The Spectator is a bigoted sexist publication, but if he reads it in the right spirit, merely for fun, it should not soil his mind.

If The Spectator wishes to vindicate itself, perhaps it would show its impartiality to movements which lend themselves to easy ridicule and set a competition to find a marching song for, say, Black Power. Naturally the results will include references to frizzy hair, thick lips, prodigious sexual appetite, low IQ and strange parcels through letterboxes.

Stick that on the New York University School of Law bulletin board, Ed baby, then make flippant remarks about the black students who do not find it educational, enlightening or amusing. I assume our Eddie is white, but if not then maybe it won't seem so funny to him, either.

Maggie Kenyon South View Terrace, Sheffield