23 OCTOBER 1971, Page 22

Sir: Britain now faces one of the gravest crises in

her history. In return for hypothetical and nebulous economic gains, the Government, led by self-styled ' internationalist ' Edward Heath, is willing to sign the irrevocable Treaty of Rome, thereby subordinating rule by Queen in Parliament to a commission and a council able to legislate directly on the affairs of member nations and to alter their laws without right of appeal.

The EEC Commission's December report on economic trends showed that in 1970 the Six had a trading deficit of $1,400 million, and in its review for 1970, the National Institute of Economic and Social Research conclusively demonstrated that the alleged long-term 'dynamic' advantages of joining the EEC were a myth.

If without mandate, Mr Heath persists in easing Britain into the essentially politically designed Common Market, his disservice to the country, the Commonwealth and his party will be neither forgotten nor forgiven by a betrayed electorate.

L. M. Hopkins Wick Crest, Devizes, Wilts