23 SEPTEMBER 1955, Page 20


ROMANCE IN CANDLELIGHT. By Eric Maschwitz and Sam Coslow. (Piccadilly.) THIS musical version of a pre-war comedy ought to be a winner; the jokes, tunes, pseudo-1912 clothes, basic Anglo-French dialogue—all neatly hit off the exact middle of popular taste; it's pure TV. The comedy of servant-turned-master-for-a-night (for a joke) rings most of the possible changes on trans- ferred speech, manners and clothes. between Patricia Burke and Sally Ann Howes (mistress and maid), and between Roger Dann and Jacques Pils (master and valet). Miss Howes has a fetching, sardonic manner of singing and looks prettier than a picture : Miss Burke looks magnificent and sings stunningly :, M. Pils has a charm for which the only word is 'brusque.' Nobody appears in his, or her, under- of night-wear. Surely there must be TV-ers who turn the damn thing off once a month and go out in search of good, not over-clean fun? They could keep it running for years.

A. V. C.