24 APRIL 1852, Page 10

t *full net Muir.

Amid the heavy deposit of not very brilliant Easter pieces, which now overspreads the theatrical world, we may glance with pleasure at Mr. Mitchell's establishment ; where Nademotselle de la Seigli1re has proved one of the most successful productions, and where a neat little " pro. verbe," showing that in checking marital deviations persuasion is better than force, has served pleasantly to vary the earlier part of the evening's entertainment. These little comedies, which the dignified English—who have no living drama at all—look down upon as weak and trifling, are on infallible proof of the real healthiness of the French stage. In spite of the meretricious means of excitement so often adopted by a certain school of French writers, there is still at Paris a public which can ap- preciate a moral idea, concisely worked out with literary skill, and em- bodied by intelligent artists : and who will say as much for London?