24 APRIL 1852, Page 8


The Commission of Inquiry into the University of Oxford has at length approached the termination of its labours, and we understand that the completed report may be laid before her Majesty within the space of a few weeks.—Globe.

In the Court of Aldermen, on Tuesday, it was stated, that a writ of error is to be prosecuted for the purpose of obtaining the decision of the highestjudicial tribunal in the kingdom upon the important question decided by the Court of Exchequer against Alderman Salomons on Mon- day.

General Roses and his daughter arrived at Queenstown in Ireland at the end of last week, in her Majesty's steam-ship Conflict. An interest awakened by the publication of the Admiralty correspond. once concerning the ships seen on the ice near Newfoundland, last spring, by the crew of the ship Renovation, is maintained by the publication of further official documents. Captain Ommanney has been to Limerick, and personally examined Mr. Robert Simpson, the late mate of the Reno- vation. No new facts are brought out, but the former statement is made more exact ; and the official report of Captain Ommanney shows that he believes the statements of Simpson, and is inclined to think the ships seen may have been those of the lost expedition.