24 APRIL 1886, Page 1

The disbanded soldiery in Burmah still continue to give trouble.

They form bands under leaders who claim to belong to the family of Alompra, and occasionally show extreme audacity. On Thursday se'nnight, for example, they fired Man- delay itself in several places, burning a considerable part of the interior city, and killing two Europeans. Another band surprised forty police, bound them with cords, and hacked twenty-four of them to death. The Kachyens, too, the wild mountaineers above Bhamo, have descended into the plain, and, building stockades, repulsed a force of 200 men, including forty of the Welsh Fusiliers, despatched against them. Though much of the country is sinking into order, these outbreaks disturb the Administration, which is still raw, and it is evident that Mr. Bernard needs more force. Two picked native regi- ments from Bengal and one from Bombay are on their way to Mandelay, but, as we have argued elsewhere, he should have also a few hundred Marines. It is unwise, in a country so rich, to spare money in producing order, which will not arise from severity, but from a certainty of punishment for any out- break. There is no occasion for the alarm expressed by some of our contemporaries, for this kind of trouble follows every annexation, and Lord Dufferia is sure to act vigorously ; but help can be given from this side.