24 APRIL 1915, Page 1

The latest news seems to show that the struggle for

Hill 60 may become a second battle of Ypres, for the German attacks are said to be spreading on both sides of the bill, the Germans bringing up large bodies of troops and some of their famous 17 in. howitzers. We have little doubt that our men will snake good their position. It is, however, conceivable that the incident may provoke the great battle in Flanders which has been so long expected. If it does, England may await the event with composure. The strength of our forces and of our military position generally is very much greater than it was at the first battle of Ypres, when the tenuity of our line gave cause for no small anxiety. But while we are very much stronger, there is no reason to suppose that the Germans have had any accession of strength. Their forces are presumably not less than they were in numbers, but they are not greater, and at the some time the quality is almost certainly not BO good. Since last November their losses in firat-line troops have been very serious. Again, while their artillery has been more or less stationary, ours has greatly improved.