24 APRIL 1915, Page 1

The other important event of the week has been the

landing of a British force at Enos, the most westerly point of Turkish territory in Europe, the point just beyond which the new Bulgarian frontier begins. As we write no official statement has been made as to the incident or the intention of the British operations, but according to a Berlin " wireleas " of Thursday the force landed consisted of twenty thousand English sad French troops. The Press has been full of speculations as to the meaning of this move, and what relation it bears to the operations in the Dardanelles. Enos is about sixty miles from the narrowest part of the Gallipoli Peninsula. For ourselves, we have often wondered during the past three months why the French and English should not land a large force at Eno. or somewhere near, while the Russians did the same thing at Midis. If the Allies then marched roughly north-east and the Russians south-west, they might, provided their forces were large enough, join hands and drive the Turks out of 'their remaining possessions in Europe and take Constantinople from the land side. We note that rumours to the effect that this is, in fact, the plan were published on Thursday in a foreign telegram, but they have bad no official confirmation.