24 APRIL 1915, Page 1

Very possibly, however, this is not the way in which

the game will be played, and we may see developments of a per- fectly different character which it would be indiscreet to canvass jest now. We can only express the hope that what- ever forces are employed will be adequate as regards size and efficiency, and that we shall not attempt these very important, very difficult, and very dangerous operations on too narrow a basis. Above all, we trust they will be clearly thought out, and if begun pressed home with determination. As to the naval operations at the Dardanelles there is, of course, a great deal to be said, but it is clearly much better not to say it just now. The reports as to the troops of the new Expedi- tionary Force received from Alexandria are very encouraging. General d'Amade, who commands the French contingent, is a very able officer. He has a great many friends in England, where he was for several years Military Attache.