24 APRIL 1915, Page 1

We have dealt at length elsewhere with Mr. Asquith's Newcastle

speech, which was nnqueetionably a cause of great satisfaction, and did great good as far as the local situation was concerned. It is to be regretted, however, that Mr. Asquith used language as to the supplies et ammunition which has given an impression contrary to that given previously by Lord Kitchener and the Chancellor of the Exchequer as regards the imperative need for a special effort to increase our output of ammunition, and especially of shells. We are not going to take any part in the mischievous Press controversy which has broken out over this part of Mr. Asquith's speech, or share in the attempts to pit one Minister against the other. We are bound to say, however, that in our opinion Lord Derby, speaking at Oldham on Thursday, gave expression to what moderate people generally feel about the incident.