24 APRIL 1915, Page 12


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Stn,—Supposing it were pointed out to your sailor friend (see Spectator, April 10th) that six weeks prior to the sinking of the `Falaba' (an admittedly damnable piece of business) those primarily responsible for it issued a solemn warning and notice to the whole world that to venture on the waters anrronnding England would, after Feb- ruary 18th, be a very perilous thing to do, and those doing so nevertheless would expose themselves to regrettable but unavoidable death and destruction—would he still maintain, and would you back him up in it, that the drowned passengers as well as those responsible for carrying them to these waters were allowed no choice, and were not offered, air weeks prior, the alternative of remaining where they then were located F. However much we neutrals abhor such incidents as the sinking of the 'Faiths,' we cannot quite ignore facts, audit must appear to us that if the Germans have an alternative, as suggested by "Sailor," so did the unfortunate passengers of the • Falaba.'