24 APRIL 1915, Page 16

TWO QUESTIONS. (To TIFF EDITOR OF ram " macrame:1 Sra,—

In order to reply suitably to numbers of inquiries I receive as chairman of a hospital and head of a manufacturing firm engaged in making war munitions.] am writing this letter to ask two questions, in the hope that it will find apace in your valuable columns. My questions are as follows. (1) What machinery has been net sup by the Government to secure employment for officers and men too disabled by wounds or illness to return to the front P (2) In what manner are the moneys of the Prince of Wales's Fuud being distributed It may be that, through being so much engaged in my work I have overlooked statements on the subject ; but I write in no spirit of criticism, but simply for information, which will not only be useful to me, but, judging from the inquiries I have received, to numbers of others. With regard to the employment question, 1 have been unofficially told (1) that there is no machinery for finding employment for officera; (2) that the rank-and-file are referred to their regi- mental associations. I was also informed that in cases of a limb being lost or total disablement a larger gratuity or higher pension would be awarded, hot this hardly meets the occasion. I am also full of admiration for the splendid work being carried out by the Incorporated Soldiers' and Sailors' Help Society, but this again is not adequate. With regard to the Prince of Wales's Fund, it is as well that I should state that there is a growing dis- satisfaction, more probably in the provinces than in London, as to where the money is going. Could not some clear state- ment be made, and satisfaction possibly given, by it being pot forth that the disabled through the war are receiving priority of treatment P Clear information on the above matters is really pressing, otherwise I would not have troubled you with this letter.—I am, Sir, Sm., GEORGE VERITY,

Chairman of Charing Cross llospitaL

Charing Cross Hospital, Agar Street, Strand, W.C.

[We look forward to receiving the answers to these questions with quite as great interest as Mr. Verity does. Though we have no idea as to their nature, we feel sure that the Govern- ment must have decided upon a course of action in both cases. —ED. Spectator.]