24 APRIL 1915, Page 17


(To MB arm. or 71sa ..17.102lT014.1 StE,—Ryonkmyoung is a small village on the right bank of the Irrawaddy River, some seventy miles north of Mandalay. In this village is the grave of Lieutenant C. B. Macdonald, R.N., surmounted by a stone bearing the inscription:- " In memory of Lieut. C. B. MACDONALD, R.N., H.M.S. 'Ranger.' Killed in action with deceits at Shagwai 9 January, 1887, aged 90.0

Shagwai lies between Mandalay and Kyonkmyoung. For some time I have carefully tended this grave, and send you this letter in the hope that it may be seen by some relatives or friends of the dead. Lieutenant, and thus comfort them with the thought that his last_resting-place is not neglected or forgotten:— But since it pleased a vanished eye I go to plant it on his tomb That if it can it there may bloom

Or dying—there at least may die."