24 APRIL 1915, Page 18



[.. I have once more to remark upon the devotion to duty, Courage, and con- tempt of danger which has characterized the work of the Chaplams of the Army throughout this campaign."—Sir Joss FRENCH in the Nemo Chapelle Despatch.] AMBASSADOR of Christ you go Up to the very gates of Hell,

Through fog of powder, storm of shell, To speak your Master's message " Lo, The Prince of Peace is with you still, His peace be with yon, His goodwill."

It is not small, your priesthood's price, To be a man and yet stand by, To hold your life whilst others die, To bless, not share the sacrifice, To watch the strife and take no part—, You with the fire at your heart.

But yours, for our great Captain Christ To know the sweat of agony, The darkness of Gethsemane, In anguish for these souls unpriced.

Vicegerent of God's pity you, A sword must pierce your own soul through.

In the pale gleam of new-born day Apart in some tree-shadowed place, Your altar but a packing-case, Rude as the shed where Mary lay, Your sanctuary the rain-drenched sod, You bring the kneeling soldier God.

As sentinel you guard the gate 'Twixt life and death, and unto death Speed the brave soul whose failing breath Shudders not at the grip of Fate, But answers, gallant to the end, " Christ is the Word—and I His friend."

Then God go with you, priest of God, For all is well and shall be well.

What though you tread the roads of Hell, Your Captain these same ways has trod.

Above the anguish and the loss Still floats the ensign of His Cross. W. M. LETTS.