24 APRIL 1915, Page 2

Lord Lucas subsequently made a statement as to the opera-

tions in East Africa, Nyasaland and the Cameroon. As against the failure at Tanga and the recapture of Jassin they had to set the oceupation of the German island of Mafia and several successes iu the region of Lake Victoria Nyanza. In Nyasa- land no fighting had taken place since the defeat of the Germans in September near Karunga, and the native rising bad been quickly suppressed. The operations of the allied French and British forces in the Cameroon bad been satisfactory, and the coast had been blockaded. At the close of the debate, in reply to a questiou from Lord Cromer, Lord Crewe stated that, after consulting representatives of various sections of Moslem opinion, the Government held that the future of the Caliphate must be a matter for the Moslem world to decide. It was due to the Moslem faith that there should be a free hand as far as possible for those who held it to unite upon the selection of -a successor to the Prophet.