24 APRIL 1915, Page 23


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Riathart (IL B.), Th. Street of Seven Stara. in awn .--.__ (Ctheell) Sp Baked I.LL The Adventures Of anisette, wars —Pk Blackwood) 6/0

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Sleight . (1.), Educational Values and Ild .-1Clarandon Pram) last 4/8 it Pitman) net 2/8

Steam .), A Child's Cthquet of Song, goo stem... B. My, The Mystery of the Boale Cabinet, er Oro MAW 610 Stockton (C. H.), Outline. of Iuternational Law, 8.....thlthe A Elmo/nag 10,8 Tatthey IR. H.), The Ethabahnient of Mittlinusa Mateo Is the Talloriog fadst(tcy .tw the Trade Boards Act of IWO, er 8vo ...—___(Bell) net 218 Taylor (J. W.), A Commentary 00 Pitman'. Shorthand .-a. Pitman) net 413 Tthamand ffil. De), The Mystery of Lucien Delorme, ex get --tit:pleb:1 OP Thornhill' a. Si, Adventures in Africa under the Britt. wBea 1 1 7.; aa., 10,0

Portuguese Flags, 13vo

Thuratoulgil Field aspital and Plying Comas, es Ira .nam) net 2/8 Urquhart . The Tarese, or Bric — .. ........-...... ...... (Ward A Leek) 6/0

(Harper) 80

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