24 APRIL 1915, Page 23


(P.O.. in Ws columo Om not womanly preclude wslargasatrmiso.) Sir Charles Lucas has published a moat valuable series of six lectures upon The British Empire (Macmillan and Co., 2e. net). They are primarily intended for working-olass readers whose knowledge of the Empire is limited, and who are inclined to ask themselves what the Empire is to them or they to the Empire. The first four chapters summarize in an admirable narrative the gradual building up of our Colonial possessions, while the fifth describes the Empire as it exists to-day. The most interesting, however, is the last, which discusees " The Meaning and Use of the Empire." In this Sir Charles Lucas first analyaea the various motives and causes which brought the Empire into existence, and proceeds to show the reasons why it is at once the interest and the duty of all Britons to maintain it.