24 APRIL 1915, Page 3

We believe there will be general satisfaction with the determination

of the Royal Literary Fund not to hold their banquet this year. At the same time, it is very greatly to be hoped that those who usually attend the banquet will make a special effort to prevent any loss to the Fund. There never was a time when there were more urgent and more deserving calls upon the Royal Literary Fund. It is hardly too much to say that the members of the literary profession are those who have suffered most heavily by the war. While practically all our hand.workere are at work at fairly good wages, and while almost all the ordinary trades in the country are doing well, there has been en inevitable shrinkage in the book trade, and conse- quently in the incomes of men of letters. The sufferings of such men are never visible to the public, but that does not make them any the less acute. We would therefore urge with all the strength at our command that all who can should send at least the price of their dinner ticket, and, if possible, soma thing more, to the Secretary, Royal Literary Fund, 40 Denison House, Vauxhall Bridge Road, sm., or to the bankers, Messrs. Coutta and Co., 440 Strand. Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to the "Royal Literary Fund" and crossed " Coutta & Co."