24 APRIL 1915, Page 41

A new Introduction to the Science of Ethics has been

pub- lished by Professor Theodore de Laguna, who holds the Chair of Philosophy at Bryn Mawr College (Macmillan and Co., Is. 6d. net). His treatment of the subject is in the main historical, the central portion of the book dealing with the chief theories of ethics from the Sophists to the Mills, and the last part being devoted to the influence of biological evolution upon our ideas of right and wrong. In the opening chapters the scope of the science and its methods receive more general consideration. We notice that Professor de Laguna seems to be unacquainted with the work of the younger English realists in this province of philosophy.— With this we may mention a volume of translations of some lectures by the well-known Danish philosopher, Harald Holfding (same publishers, is. net). Two sets of lectures are included in the book : the first, called Modern Philosophers, was delivered as long ago as 1902, while the second, Lectures on Bergson, only dates from 1913. The translation is the work of Mr. Alfred C. Mason.