24 APRIL 1915, Page 41

In The Story of Napoleon's Death-Mask (John Lane, 6e. net)

Mr. G. L. de St. M. Watson, in spite of a somewhat exuberant style, gives an exhaustive and satisfactory account of a con. troversial incident in the last chapter of Napoleon's history. He shows quite conclusively that the original death-mask was taken by Dr. Burton and not, as was for so long supposed, by Antommarchi. The original cast was removed to Italy, in spite of Burton's protests, immediately after Napoleon's funeral, and Antommarchi subsequently issued replicas of it, and claimed to have been its author. It is sometimes thought that the Italian doctor may have made alterations in the mask before giving it to the world, for its appearance differs widely from the conventional Napoleon portrait. This theory is, however, disposed of by Mr. Watson's discovery that a copy of the original mask was taken by another Englishman at St. Helena during the few days immediately after Napoleon's death, and that this copy agrees precisely with those made subsequently by Antommarchi.