24 APRIL 1920, Page 12



Sin,—Some light may be thrown on the unrest and extreme demands of sections of the Labour movement by a circular which has been sent to the Bolshevists of this country from the Executive Committee of the Third International at Moscow. The document is about two columns in length, and outlines the tactics that should be adopted for revolutionary purposes. The chief point is " the dictatorship of the prole- tariat," and the creation of a Soviet system. The Parliamentary system " must be shattered." The circular states that the Labour leaders who advocate reforms and gradual changes are " the most dangerous enemies of the working class, awl against them a most relentless war must he waged." "The bourgeois State, its kings, presidents, parliaments, constituent assemblies, &c., are our deadly enemies, and must be crushed."

To accomplish these ends the Executive Committee recom- mends its adherents to organize " strikes, revolts, insur- rections, &c.," and they add that " the most vital part of the struggle must be outside of Parliament—on the street. It is clear that the most effective weapons of the workers against Capitalism are the strike, the revolt, armed insurrection." And the "comrades" here are earnestly requested to organize the Communist Party with " instalments of the Party in the Trade Union," to secure the " leadership Of the masses," and to conduct " revolutionary agitation among the masses, &e." Manifestoes of this kind are now being sent in large numbers from Moscow, some of them signed by Lenin or Trotsky. The cue I have quoted above is signed by G. Zinoviev, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Third International. Why are these manifestoes permitted circulation in this country ? Is the Government afraid to stop the agents of Lenin and

Trotsky endeavouring to create strikes and revolts The greatest industrial troubles to-day in this country are -where these Bolshevists' agents are most numerous and most active.

—I am, Sir, &c., W. Etrutsint. 17 Heather Gardens, Golders Green.