24 APRIL 1920, Page 12


assure you the hideous list of crimes contained in the Government White Paper published a few days ago does not fully represent the real condition of things in Ireland. It is only the outward and visible sign of certain conditions which, should Sinn Fein come into power, would be absolutely intolerable. There is a vast organization of tyranny and oppression which is now grinding the well-disposed inhabitants of Ireland into slavery. People are forced by threats of murder and terror to sell their land at Sinn Fein valuation, to subscribe to the Sinn Fein loan, to give up land which they have purchased with their savings. In a word, the rights of citizen- ship have disappeared in Southern Ireland. Is it possible that the people of Great Britain can see these things unmoved? I am glad to know that an organization is being created to acquaint people on this side of the Channel with the real facts, also to provide for the assistance and defence of Irish loyalists, and I appeal to all who sympathize with them to communicate with the Honorary Secretary of the organization, Miss Constance Bloomfield, at lA Central Buildings, Westminster, S.W. 1, from whom I am sure they will receive full information.