24 APRIL 1920, Page 2

The Bolshevik delegates who were supposed' to represent the Russian

Co-operative Societies are still at Copenhagen. As the Co-operative Societies have been abolished by Lenin, it is clear that the delegates only represent the Terrorists of Moscow. Their leader, Krassin, is understood to be a German_ agent as well as a Bolshevik. He is said to have admitted that Russia had no stocks of raw material to sell. As the railways have broken down under Bolshevik control, this statement sounds probable. The delegates appear to have failed in their negotiations with the Allies, partly because they insisted that Litvinoff' should be admitted into England, partly because they had nothing to give in exchange for Western goods. It is generally supposed that the delegates' aims are political• rather than commercial. They desire to obtain Allied recognition of the Bolshevik despotism as the Russian Government. The Allies rightly prefer to wait for Russia to come to her senses.