24 APRIL 1920, Page 2

The Morning Post of Wednesday publishes an undesignedly amusing letter

written from Moscow by " a prominent Russian " to an English friend—the Morning Post guarantees the genuine- ness of the letter and happens to know the writer—in which among much other Moscow gossip the writer says that all the amenities of Moscow were suddenly and for ashort time improved owing to the visit of Lord• Lansbury. " Do you. know him ? " asks the writer. " He had arrived from London to negotiate peace and our rulers wanted to show off Moscow at her best." Therefore the streets of Moscow, which had long been in darkness, were suddenly lighted by electricity, the trams started to run again, and so on.. Now that Mr. George Lansbury is back in London from his Moscow visit once more editing the Daily Herald he is. in. a position to explain away this stage managing of Soviet life if it can be explained away. But he certainly does not do so in his humorous letter to. the Morning Post of Thursday in which he points out that he was accompanied, to Moscow by several other noblemen of the Press.