24 AUGUST 1878, Page 1

At Batoum it is said that Dervish Pasha has given

notice of the day—the 27th inst.—on which Russia will take possession, and that he has offered those of the inhabitants who do not desire to be under Russian rule the alternative of migrating to some other part of Turkish territory. It seems, however, very doubtful whether the Lazio intend to let Russia enter without a fight, and not quite certain whether Dervish Pasha will exert his authority in the interests of a peaceful transfer. According to the Daily News' correspondent from Batoum, the Turks are accumulating provisions there with all the apparent purpose of standing a serious siege, while from 15,000 to 20,000 men are under arms and assembled on the frontier. As Russia has given notice that she will not retire from the neighbourhood of Constanti- nople till Batoum and Varna are evacuated, the prospect over which our Ministers are prematurely exulting is, even for the instant, serious enough.