24 AUGUST 1878, Page 1


ON August 19th, after achieving a preliminary victory over the insurgents on the 16th, the Austrian troops entered Serajevo, where a frightful street conflict took place, in which men, women, and even the hospital patients joined. From every house the in- habitants fired on the Austrians, and but for the mildness of the Austrian troops, the revenge taken on the town must have been terrible. Twenty-seven guns, several of them Krupp breech- loaders, were taken. On August 21st, General Jovanovich's division; after severe fighting, relieved the garrison shut up in Stolac, so that it is now hoped that the worst of the Bosnian resist- ance may be over. There is, however, no doubt at all that regular Turkish troops have joined enthusiastically in the resistance, and very little that they have been winked at, if not encouraged, by the Porte. Clearly the effect on Austria will be this ;—she will no longer be willing to engage for any restoration of Bosnia, and the occupation is pretty certain to become a conquest.