24 AUGUST 1878, Page 15


[TO THE EDITOR OF THE "sue-mon:] Stn,—I sent an advertisement to the Tablet, the leading Ultramorl- tane newspaper, of a work called "Conversations on the Vatican Council," and appended to it an extract from the Saturday which was as follows :—" He desires to prove, if indeed fresh proof be wanting, that the Vatican Council has closed the Infalli- bility controversy by throwing it open to general debate." My agent writes to me,—" Tablet refused insertion of the paragraph from St-dart/ay lieriur."

This is the Inquisition and the Index with a vengeance, and weak indeed must be the cause of Papal infallibility, if controversy is thus shunned. It is to be hoped the odious idea of a Papal monarchy will soon receive a check, or liberty will become a

thing of the past.—! am, Sir, &e., WiLlis NEvt.N:4.