24 AUGUST 1878, Page 3

The elections of this week to the Conseils-Gdneraux of France

seem to make a Republican majority in the Senate next January more than probable. In three Departments, the Conservative was replaced by a sound Republican, and this as the result of gradual changes which have been going on for many months, so that whereas last November the Republicans had only a majority in 39 Conseils-Gendraux out of 86, they now command a majority in 55 out of 86. It is true that the members of the Conseils- Gendraux do not form numerically at all an important proportion of the electors of the Senators, but morally the influence of the Conseils-Gneraux with the municipal electors of the Senators is very great and carries a weight with it quite out of proportion to the numerical influence of these Councils on the election. There is, then, good reason to hope that a good working majority of the renovated Senate of next year, will be immovably Republican, and that consequently the danger of constitutional dead-locks, at least on questions of vital importance, will have disappeared: