24 AUGUST 1912, Page 13

[To THE EDITOR OP THE "SPECTATOE. "] SIR, —Is not the position

of Ulster to-day analogous to that of the " Country Party " in 1679? Burnet then said : "Acts of tyranny will not justify the resistance of subjects, yet a total subversion of their Constitution will." Surely this sentence may be quoted in answer to Mr. Churchill, and it is for the British nation to see that Mr. Asquith does not succeed as Charles IL did. The Insurance Act is an Act of tyranny, and the Spectator's advice thus corresponds to that of the learned Burnet ; but the Home Rule Bill is a subversion of the Con- stitution, and it is interesting to see how a sentence spoken in the seventeenth century confirms the present attitude of the Spectator, Mr. Bonar Law, and the Unionist Party.—I am, Sir,