24 AUGUST 1912, Page 14


LTD THE EDITOR OF THZ "SPECTATOR."] Sin,—I again appeal through your columns for assistance for the Children's Country Holidays Fund. The Executive Com. mittee are still in need of a large sum of money to enable them to carry out the arrangements which have been made, namely, to send away 50,000 children from the poorest classes in London for a fortnight's holiday in the country. The sum of L5,000 is urgently required to meet the disbursements necessary for carrying out the season's work. The Executive Committee venture to believe that at such a time as this, when most of us who are more fortunately situated are in the enjoy.,

went of our own holidays, this appeal will not be made in vain, and that the Fund will receive the assistance that is sot urgently required. All contributions will be received here and gratefully acknowledged by me.—I am, Sir, &c.,

ARRAN, Hon. Treasurer Children's Country Holidays Fund.

18 Buckingham Street, Strand, W.C.