24 AUGUST 1918, Page 2

The Lord Chancellor of Ireland, Sir J. H. Campbell, presiding

at a luncheon given in Dublin last Saturday to Colonel Arthur Lynch, M.P., in recognition of his work for voluntary recruiting in Ireland, described that movement as the only way of escape from " the danger and disaster " of Conscription, which he would like at any sacrifice to see averted, and the only hope that Ireland may retain the confidence and respect of the nations of the world. With regard to Mr. Lloyd George's other pledge, the Lord Chancellor of Ireland was not without hope of " a solution by consent of the Irish problem on the only lines which seemed to him to hold out any promise either of permanence or success." It seems that he har been a Horne Ruler for years, while yet a member of the Ulster Unionist Party. We cannot profess to understand why any member of a Government pledged to introduce Conscription into Ireland should describe it as a " danger and disaster." Politicians in that land of lotos-eatere do not realize how bitterly Englishmen, Welshmen, and SootsMen resent the refusal of the Irish to help them in the war.