24 DECEMBER 1831, Page 11

FROM THE LONDON GAZETTES. Tuesday, December 20.


Si. and I. Burms, Castle Street, Leicester Square, plumbers-TS-MATTE and BLAKEY, Halifax, woollen-drapers-JARROLD and Co. proprietors of the " New Mercantile Jour- nal ;" as fin- as regards MACARDY-LAWTON and ROE, St:de!: Bridge. Cheshire, ma- chine-makers-WATTS sen. and WATTS jun. Bath, attorneys-at-law-R. anti J. HALE, Kingston-upon-Hull, tobacconists-GRACE and Co. Felling Colliery, Durham; as far as regards BROCKETT and Tugs/swoop-LT.0v) and BERRY, Norwich, printers- WALES and MARsHALL, Mtereliffir, Sheffield, refiners of gold-RorrEREs and CO. Man- chester, calico-printers-I. and W. SOUTHAM, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire,.grocers- DAWES and MADDEN, Change Alley, shipping-agents-MvATE and. Co. Bradley, Staf- fordshire, earthenware-manufacturers-BENWELL and Co. Henley-upon-Thames, corn- mou-brewers ; far as regards J. BENWELL-HARRIs and KrITHEN. Iligh Street, St. Giles's, ironmongers-41A x coax): and Co. Birmingham, merchants-HAonAN and Co. London, attorneys-DAvts and TAyT,OR, St. John Street, West Smithfield, rectifiers- ADAMSON and BARNES, LintilWaite, Yorkshire, cotton-dyers.


BAKER, THOMAs, Folk.stone, Kent, carpenter, Dec. 20. MITCHELL, HENRY GEORGE, Bermondsey Wall, wine-merchant, Dec. 19.


BAcos, Limes, Worthing, wine-merchant, to surrender Jan. 9. 10, 31 : solicitors, Mr. Tribe, Worthing ; and Messrs. Hillier and Lewis, Raymond Buildings, Gray's Inn.

CALVIN, JoHN, Worcester, hatter, Dec. 29, 30, Jan. 31 : solicitors, Messrs. White and Whitmore, Old Square, Lincoln's Ina; and. Messrs. Holdsworth and Co. Worcester. CLEMENTS, GEORGE, West Derby. and CLEMENTS, WILLIAM, Penketh, Lancashire, brewers, Jan. 2, 3. 31 : solicitors, Messrs. Blackstock and Bunce, Temple ; and. Mr. Curry, Lord Street, Liverpool. C RABB, EDMUND, Bath, corn-factor, Dee- 23, Jan. 7, 31 : solicitors, Messrs. Perkins and. Frampton, Gray's Inn Square ; and Mr. Miller, Frome Selwood, Somerset. CUTBUSH, WILLIAM, Wilmington Square, Clerkenwell, builder, Dec. 27, 30, Jan. 31: solicitor, Mr. Crombie, Suffolk Place, Pall Mall. DARWELL,TtromAs, Wigan, cotton-spinner, Dec. 31, Jan. 2, 31 : solicitors, Mr. Heron, Manchester; and Messrs.-Walmsley and Co. Chancery Lane. EGGLETON, HENRY DAVID, Charles Street, Trevor Square, Brompton, coal-merchant, Dec. 26,30, Jan. 31: solicitors, Messrs. Davis and Richardson, Corbet Court, Grace. church Street. FOSTER, boss WILLIAM, High Street. Newington Butts. haberdasher, Dec. 23, 30,Jan. 31: solicitors, Messrs. Johnson and. Weatherall, King's Bench Walk, Temple. GREGORY, WILT.IAM, Leeds, lace-dealer, Dec. 24,31, Jan. 31: solicitors, Mr. Randall, Walbrook ; and Mr. Wood, Leeds. Hottnnis, Joss, late of Morley, Yorkshire, grocer, Dec. 26, 277, Jan. 31: solicitors, Messrs. Few and Co. Henrietta Street, Covent Garden ; and Mr. White. jun. Leeds.

JACKSON, JAMES, Tooley Street. Southwark, oilman, Dec. 23, 30, Jan. 31: solicitor, Mr. Stanley, Bridge Street, Blackfriars. LUCOMBE, THOMAS, Brighthelmstone, bookseller, Jan. 9, 11, 31: solicitors, Mr. Brook- bank, Brighton ; and Messrs. Clift and Fisher, Red Lion Square. MARTIN, CHART-Es E r.wo writ?. New Street, Dorset Square, linen-draper, Dec. 27, Jan. 3, 31 : solicitor, Mr. Burt, Mitre Court, Milk Street. MAssEy, GEORGE LEwls, Portsea, linen-draper, Jan. 6, 9, 31: solicitors, Mr. Ivimy, Harper Street, Red. Lion Square ; and Mr. Low, Portsea. PARRY, ROBERT. BiriningliaM, hop-merchant, Dee. 30, 31,-Jan. 31 : solicitors, Messrs. Arnold and Haines. Birmingham ; and Messrs. Austen and Hobson. Grit y's Inn. ROSE, JAMES ENNIs, Bath, linen-draper, Dec. 31, Jan. 2. 31: solicitors, Mr. Mackey. Bath ; and Messrs. Williams and Bethell, Lincoln's Inn Fields. SAXON, JAMES, and Rovsrox, WILLIAM, Handforth, Cheshire, paper-dealers, Jan. 2, 3, 31: solicitors, Messrs. Milne autl Co. Temple ; and. Messrs. Walker anti Jesse, Man- chester.

WALTERS, THOMAS, Manchester, ihrper, Jan. 6,7. 31: solicitors, Messrs. Adlington and Co. Bedford Row ; and Mr. Owen, York Street, Manchester. Witms, JAMES, FladOlig'S Hotel, Oxford Street, hod-keeper, Dec. 23, 30, Jan. 31: solicitor, Mr. Taylor, Great James Street, Bedford Row.


Jan. 10, W. and T. Bartlett, Reading, canvass-mannfitetnrers-Jan. 10, Petherbridge. Whitechapel, linen-draper-Jan. 10, Gilbert, St. Luke's, iron-founder-Jan. 10, Harris, Worthing,, linen-draper-Jan. 10, Oakley and Evans. Old Ifond Street, upholders-Jan. 10. Criekitt and Co. Chelmsford, bankers-Sou. 10, White, Commercial Sale Rooms, Mincing Lane, wine-broker-Jan. 10, Brown and Co. Muscovy Court, 'lower Hill. mer- chants-Jan. 10, Brown, 01,1 Rent ltoad, victualler-Jan. 10, Stokes. late of Throgator- ton Street, merchant-Jan. 10. Oliphant, Cock:spur Street, hat-manufacittrer-Jan. 10, 'Wilkinson and co, Leadenhall Street, brokers-Jan. 10. Brookes, Ball's Pond, nursery- man-Jan. 10, II. anti W. Catbnsh, Maidstone, carpenters-Jan. 1,1, Wartiall jun. (ill Gravel Lane, wine-merchant-Jan. 10, Barnett, late of Essex Street, ion y-agent -Jan. 10. Price. Fetter lane, optielan-Jan. 10, Douglas :Ind Co. Fleet Street. drapers-Jan, 10, Mott, King Street, Bloomsbury, coach-maker-Jan. 10. Ogle, New City Chambers, insurance-broker--Jan. 10, Bennaliack, Truro, scrivener-Jan. 10, Livie, Austinfriars, merchant-Jan. 10,1. W. and M. Robinson, Walbrook Buildings, tubr-tnanufacturers- Jan. 10, S. and M. Almosnino, Bevis Marks, St. Mary Axe, merchants-Jan. 10. Dra b- ine, Leman Street, pewterer-Jan. 10, Rose sea. and Rose jun. Symon's Wharf. Tooley Street, provision-merchants-Jan. 10. Coley and Brown, Old Broad Street, wine-mer- chants-Jan. 10, Hunt. King Street, Cheapside, furrier-Jan. 10, Rolls, Old Fish Street, ironmonger-Jan. 10, Boyn, Winchester Street, merchant-Jan. 10. Key mer and Hall. Friday Street, warehousemen-Jan. 10. Forrester and Kerr, Crown Court, merchants- Jan. 10, M•Queen and Hamilton, Newman Street, Oxford Street, stath.LeVS-Jall. 10, Blair and Plimpton, Lower Thames Street, seedsmen-Jan. 10, Ord, St. Paul's Church- yard, haberdasher-Jan. 10, Hacker, Bankside, timber-merchant-Jan. 10. Hill and Co. Union Row, Little Tower Hill, corn-factors-Jan. 10. H. and J. Hall, Upper Thames Street, merchants-Jan. 10. Sykes and Bury. Bneklersbury, warchousemen-Jan. 10, Brown, Austinfriars, merchant-Jan. 10, Marshall, Basinghall Street, Blackwell Hall factor-Jan. 10, Wilson, Riding House Lane, Marylebone, timbermerelant---Jan. 10, Simon, Regent Street, hosier-Jan. 10, Chappell, TIonGy. Lane Market, butcher-Jan. 10, Vinton, Union Street, Old. Artillery Ground, tailor-Jan. 10, Harris, High Street, St. Giles's, grocer-Jan. 10, J. and B. Abernethie, College Hill, merchants-Jam 10. Trimbey and Co. Watling Street, merchants-Jan. 10, Glenuie and Co. New Broad Street, merchants-Jan. 10 Sutton.- Upper Thames Street, coal-merchant-Jan. 10, Bell,- Regent Street, tailor:-Jan..10, Smith; Old City Chambers, winemt rchant-,Dee. 30, Graves, Southwark, hop-merchant-Jan. 10, Hughes, Compton Bishop, dealer in, lapis calaminaris-Jan. 10, Whittrell, Bethnal Green, soap-mantitheturer-Jan. 10 Wright, Prince's Street, Leicester Square, snifilt-Jan. 10, Sandwell, Strand, tavern- keeper-Jan. 10, Taylor and Walker, New Court, Throgmorton St reel, N■ii.).-111ercliatitS -Jan. 10, Manley, Suffolk Street, wine-merchant-Jan. 10, Whitt, and Co. Fleet Street, booksellers-Jan. 6. Fox and 13rodribb, Bristol, tallow-chandlers-Jan. 10, Coley, late of Broad Street, wine-merchant-Jan. 10, Changeur. Kensington, builder-Jan, lo, I fas- kius, late of the Quadrant, Regent Street; jeweller-Jam 10, Aughterlony, Great Or- mond Street, dyer-Jan. 7, Boys jun. Canterbury, spirit-dealer-Jan. 10, Wise, Picca- dilly. piettue-tlealer-Jau. 10, It. and W. It yland, Savage Gardens, corn-titetor; 10, Leach and Poussett, late of Cow Cross Street. tlealers-Jau. 10, Fir's, Bury Court, St. Mary Axe, merchant-Jan. 10, Houghton, King's Arms Yard, Coleman street, merchant-Jan. 10, Belo°, Norwich, silk-manutheturer-Jan. 10, Collier, It athltous Place, silk-mercer-Jan. 10. Thompson, late of Camomile Street, mereltant-Jan. 10, Mitchell, Old Cavendish Street, tailor-Jan. 10, Were, Bedminster, tauner-Jan. 10, Ewbank, George Street, Oxford Street, brewer-Jan, 10, Sharp ;old Stables Drury Lane, iron-founders-Jau. 10, Shutt, Paternoster Row, tea-tlealer-Jan. 10, Paton and. co. Old Gravel Lane, Ratcliffe Highway, soap-manuffieturers-Jan, 10, Nesbitt and Co. Aldermanbury, merchants-Jan. 10, Hamilton and CO. New City Chambers, merchants -Jan. 10, Bonney, Cooper's Row, Tower Hill, wine-merchant-Jan. 10, Pengree and Noldwritt, Princes Street, Commercial Road, Lambeth, ironmongers-Jan. 10, Brad- bury, Manchester, calico-printer-Jan. 10, Allen, Greenwich, coal-merchant-Jan. 10,, Sharp and Clarke, Berners Street, upholsterers-Jan. 10, Appleton, White Horse Court, High Street, Southwark, hop-merchant-Jan. 10, Ralli, Suffolk Lane, merchant-Jan. 10, Burls, Cateaton Street, ruerchaut-Jan. 10, Wilbraham, Leadenhall Street, gun- manufacturer-Jan. 10, Gough, Windsor, coach-maker-Jan. 10, T. and C. Greasley, West Smithfield, clothiers-Jan. 10, Smith and Co. Old Trinity House, corn-faetors- Jan. 10, Barrington, Strand, bookseller-Jan. 10, Wilkinson and Co. Leadenhall Street, brokers-Jan. 16. Fisher, Canterbury, brazier-Jan.10, Pullan, Leeds, merchant an.10, Bnllev sen. Mahlon, tailor-Jan.10, Thompson, Earl Street, Blackfriars, bookbinder- Dee '30, Bassett, Dean Street, Soho, builder-Jan. 10, Womersley and Lambert, Lone Lane, Aldermanlmtry, hat-manufacturers-Jan. 10, Harden, Clapham, bootmaker-Jan; 10, Walters, 'Worcester, shoemaker-Jan. 10, Kent. Andover, draper-Jan. 10, Tomsey, Beaumont Street, Marylebone, grocer-jau. 10. Moreland and Co. Shad Thames, st one- merchants-Jan. 10, Zwinger, Auction Mart Coffeehouse, merchant-Jan. 10, Smith and Co. King Street, Cheapside, hosiers-Jan. 10, M'Queen and Hamilton, Newman Street, Oxford Street, slit timers-Jan. 10, Smith, Blackman Street, linen-draper-Jan. 10, Neighbour sen. and Neighbour jun. King St-at:et. West Smithfield, wine-merchants:- Jan. 10, Young, I iigh Street, Newington Butt,, ttpledsterer-Jan. 10, Luke, Mark Lane; wine-menhaut -.Ian. 10, Cooling. Ilidborough s; re-I, ntaster-mariner-Jan. 10, Denis and Co. Upper Thames Street, wholesale.greeer,-Jan. lu. Kellewav, Norwich, woollen-. draper-Jan. 10. Lenny, Great Portland Street, si.rge4 al-Jan. 10. ThollisOn intl. Beau- mont Street, Marvlebone, wine-morel:ant-Jan. lo. l'ry, Artillery Street, Bermondsey, currier-Jan. 10. i.'ove, Hort:church, fellmonger-J an. 10, Sandmark. Mark Lane, mer- chant-Jan. 10, Toshinglotm, Chester, bookseller-Jan. 10, G. and. C. A. Ansell, Wim- bledon, calieo-printers-Jan. lo, Daniel, Newgate Street, -orsted-laceonanutheturer- Jan. 11, G ibbons ;ma Co. Wolverhampton, bankers -Jon. 17, Ilan lett, Trowbridge. gro- cer-Jan. 20, J. and S. Whinyates, Liverpool, pro, ision-merehants-Jan. 10, Fleteher, Abingdon, carpet-manufacturer-jun. IL Watson ;nal Yeoman, Cliff cum Laud, millers-Jan. 20, Coe, Shimpling, Suffolk, farmer-Jan. 10, 3Iason, Cheadle, horse- dealer-Jan. 13, Fox, Great Dritliell. tanner-Jan. 23, Wright, Kinttsfortl, money-scri- vener-Jan. 11, Rees, Swansea. irvinnonger-Jan. 10, Wollinden, New 5lidten, corn-. merchant-Jan. 10, l'oole and Ilatiky, Birmingham, linen-drapers.


Tube granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on sir befitre Jan. 10.

Cock. Tooley Street, Southwark. provision-merchant -Criekmore, Bishopsgate '111t11-; out, pewterer-Jones, Coruhill, hosier-Hierons, Streatham, coachmaster-Gates, White Hart Court, Lombard Street, money-serivener-Hanmar. late of Gower Place, Enstorr Square:merchant -Dunlevie, Liverpool, broker-Harper, Strand., coal-dealer-31addoek, Portsea, coal-merchant-F. mud J. Giles, Spitalfields, silk-manufacturers-White, Newent, Gloucestershire.


ROXBURGH, JOHN, Glasgow, tanner, Dec. 23, Jan, 9.

Friday, Decenzber 23.


DE Breit, WYNAND JOHN, Broad Street Buildings, merchant, Dec. 23. BANKRUPTCIES ENLARGED.

C BURCH, WiLLTAM, Mark Lane, wine-merchant, from Dec. 27 to Dec. 30. BEAUCHAMP, Roamer, Holborn Bars, pawnbroker, from Dec. 27 to Dec. 30. GILLMAN, CHARLES, Romfonl, Essex, wine-merchant, from Dec. 27 to Dec. 30. BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED.

ATKINSON, GEORGE E. Leman Street, Goodman's Fields, painter.

PUCKERIDGE, JAMES, Draycott, Wiltshire, farmer. DUNN, RICHARD, Wiveliscombe, Somersetshire, clothier.


BROWN, JAMES and THOMAS, Bromley St. Leonards, black-ash-manufacturers, to sure: render Dec. 30, Jan, 6, Feb. 3 : solicitor, Mr. Thompson, George Street, Minories. CANAVAN, MICHAEL, Macclesfield, draper, Jan. 4, 5, Feb. 3: solicitors, Messrs. Ad- lington anti Co. Bedford Row ; and Messrs. Law and ('notes, CHAPmAN, JAMEs, Wells-next-the-Sea, merchant. Jan. 11, 12, Feb. 3: solicitors. Messrs. Swain and Co, Old Jewry ; Mr, Garwood, Wells, CLIFF, CHARLEs, Sheffield. hat-dealer. Dee. 30. 31, Feb. 3 : solicitors, Mr. Church,' Great James Street, Bedford. Row ; and Mr, Burbeary, Sheffield. COLLARD, ABRAHAM WARP, Liverpool, merchant, Jan. 5, 6, Feb. 6 : Solicitors, MeSS111. Adlington and Co. Bedford Row; and Messrs. Watson antl Byrom, Liverpool.

CltooKss, Enwne. Sheffield, latvonan. Jail. 3,4, Feb. 3: solicitors, Mr. Moss, Iron- monger Lane; anti Mr. Branson, Sheffield. IIARuisTy, SAmEs, Horstbrth, Yorkshire, mouey-scrivener, Jan; 9, 10, Feb. 3 solici- tors, Mr. Lake. Cateaton Street; anti Mr. Dodgscm, York.

II cwirt:cs, JouN, and Minns, Cl FoRGE, Haymarket, wine-merchants. Dee. 30. Jan. 6, Fel). 3: solicitors. Messrs. DaAil'S and lloworth, Warwick Street, Regent Street. II ex-r, J A NI Es. Preston, wineorarehant, Jan. 10. 11, Feb. 3 : solicitors, Messrs. Adling-

ton and Co. Bedford Row ; and 'Messrs. Winsta :nui Co. Preston.

LAIT.EY, TuonAs, Cotton Street, l'oplar, cheesemouger, Jan. 3.9, Feb. 3: solicitor, Mr. Isaaes, Mansell Street, Getalmad's MoitTeN, ADAM. Richmond. Sorry, wine-merelmnt, Dee. 27, .Tau. 7, Fcb. 3 : solicitors, Mii. Towne, Broad Street, Buildings. CLEmENT, Strratliam. Cambridgeshire, cordwainer, Dec. 30, 31, Feb.3 : soli- citors, Mr. Bounst11, Charlotte Street, Illooms1 fury ; and Mr. Caxton, Ely. PAIN, HENRY, Newman Street, tIrvey0r, Jan. 2,9, Feb. 3: solicitors, Messrs. Vander- come and COmyU, Bush Lane. PLIMpros, WILLIAM, and WILLIAM SMITH, Lower Thames Street, seedsmao, Dee. 30. Jan. 7, Feb. 3 : solicitor, Mr. Heat:lc:4e. Coleraan Street. Ii tr:nrit, JOHN. Leeds, butcher, Jan. 2. 4, Feb. 2 : solicitors, Messrs. Smithson ona Co. New lout ; and Messrs. Dunning and Kenyon, Leeds. 'Non psoN, ABRAHAM. Ilarnartl 'Castle, linen draper, 27, Jan. 7, Feb. 3 ',elici- tor, Mr. CI-owl her, C,Irey WtLLTA ,LIHN, SI, Wollos, Ceal-morChallt, Jau. 9, 10, Feb. 3: solicitors, Messrs. Platt :not hi all. New Boswell Court.

Yet-xo, 3 A m es, Wells-next-the-Sea. sargeon, Jan. 11, 12, Feb.3 : solicitors, Messrs, Stevens and Cu. Frededek's Place, Old Jewry.


-halt, 10, J. C. Fuchs, Finsbury Square, Illereltant-Jcn. 7, IN'. Smith. Grove Cottage, Lodge Road. St. John's Wood, buibler-Dee. 30. G. Vialerwood, Fleet Street. bookseller -Jan. 10. C. Humphreys, Bear Lane, thr:st Chat-eh, Surrey, timber-merchant- Jan. 9. ii. Curtis and T. Hall, Angel. Court. Thorgmorton Sine, merchants-Jau. W. Booth, Worksop, Nottinghamshire, malster-Jan. 20, W. Butler, Bampton. Notting- hamshire, fishmonger-Jan. 16, A. Briarly. Kirton in Lindsey. Lincolushire, innheeper .Tan. 20, W. Bower. Clarborough, Nottingliamsldre, seed-merchaut-J au. 20, W. cook; Huddersfield, Yorkshire, merchant.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before .Tanuary 13.