24 DECEMBER 1831, Page 12

The Caledonian Mercury gives the following extracts from a letter

written by Sir Walter Scott subsequent to his arrival at Malta. "Per- haps you will be glad to hear how we have progressed since we became inhabitants of the waters. We have been nearly three weeks at sea; the first four or five days being as cross as possible, and unfitvourable- ship rolling, passengers cruelly sick, and all the inconveniences which a 'floating life can bring along with it. But after that time, the wind was -favourable, the weather moderate—we have been heart-whole as a bis- cuit, and not the slightest complaint of any kind. I am myself quite well. Nothing can be more delightful than my present life." " We stood into the Bay of Gibraltar, but were not allowed to land, or to send any letters on shore. We also visited the new volcano, or Graham's Island, and are now close prisoners in Fort Manuel; where we will re- main under quarantine for ten days, and where our quarters are more dignified than comfortable. I have the freedom of two fine libraries, one of which belonged to the Knights of Malta. I think we shall re- main in Malta six weeks or two months."