24 DECEMBER 1831, Page 13


The Irt, Hoodless, from Liverpool to Calcutta, has put back, after being out sixteen days, having encountered very heavy gales. Arrived. At Gravesend, Dec. 21st, Eliza, Groves, from Singapore; and Doncaster, &wilco, from Ceylon. At Portsmouth, 19th, H. M. S. Childers,. from Mauritius. At St„Helena, Nov. 5th, Lord Melville, Brown, from Calcutta; and Albion, Sutherland, from Batavia; 6th, Bounty Hall, Jackson, from Calcutta; 7th, Courier, Palmer, from the Cape ; 8th, Hindi*, Pinder, from. Calcutta; Lord Eldon, Dawson, from ditto; and Joanna, Mliellar, from Mauritius. At the Cape, Oct. 0th, Missy and Jane. Winter, from London; 12th, Lisbon Packet, Wilson, from Liverpool; and II. 00. S. Algerine, from Rio; '16th, Leda, Robb, from London ; 20th, Terra Nova, Kelso, from Mauritius; 23d, Platina, Wilson, from London; 25th, Ganges, Boultbee, from ditto; 23d, H. M. S. Warspite, from Mauritius; and Orestes. Nicholson, from ditto. At Mauritius, Sept. 3d, Tare; Fawcett, from Liverpool. At Singapore, July 25th, H. C. S. Buckinghamshire, Glasspoole, from London, for China; Aug. 13th, H. C. S.Thames, Forbes, ditto; and 21st, Emerald, Melville, from Liverpool. At China; Aug.6th, the H. C. ships Water- loo, Blakely • and Lady Melville, Clifford, from London. Sailed. iron's Gravesend, Dec. 19, Fanny, Drummondaor the Cape; and Diartiond, Bleskett, for ditto; 20th, Constitution; Lucas, for ditto. From Liverpool, 2.2d. Mo- nth:* miller, tor Mauritius.