24 DECEMBER 1831, Page 3

The Spanish General TORRIJOS, and some forty or fifty of

his companions, have fallen into the hands of the Beloved King, and will doubtless experience that tender mercy of which FERDINAND is so proverbially lavish towards all the friends of liberty. TOR- RIJOS, it may be recollected, had taken. shelter at Tangier in Africa, after the failure of the attempts made by the Patriots, at a combined invasion on the north-east and south-west frontiers. He and his companions at length became weary of their wretched place of exile, and sought once more the shores of Europe. They attempted to land at Gibraltar; but were there informed, by the authorities, that if they did land, they would be immediately given up to the Spanish Government. On this threat, they again set sail; and, after beating about for some time, were wrecked on the west coast of Spain; where they were to a man made prisoners by the authorities, after a vain and not wise attempt to rouse the priest-ridden peasantry by the long-forgotten cry of "Viva la Libertad."