24 DECEMBER 1831, Page 3

We mentioned last week, that the King of Holland had

refused to accept that part of the treaty of the twenty-four articles which guarantees to Belgium freedom of navigation in the rivers and certain canals of Holland. A long and laboured protest on this subject, dated the 11th instant, has since appeared. As the five Allied Powers have made their final report, and as that report has been accepted by Belgium, it is not very easy to see how the ne- gotiations can be reopened; or if they are in one point, how it will be possible to avoid the reconsideration of all the points in dispute. The plea of the King of Holland in arrest of judgment involves, in filet, a complete rehearing of the whole case; and as the special commission of oyer eE terminer is dissolved, we do not see how this is possible, even were it desirable. Besides, he has now in Be] gimu a regularly constituted Government, legitimatedby the recognition of France, Austria, Prussia, and England; and if any modification of the terms on which it has been constituted be required, he has his proper and regular recourse in a direct negotiation with Belgium for that purpose.

It is again reported that the Emperor NICHOLAS has refused to ratify the twenty-four articles; that he is determined to support the King of Holland in the division of the debt, in the repeal of the internal navigation article, and in his claims on Luxembourg ; and lastly, that he has recalled Prince LIEVEN. All which particu- lars our readers may believe if they will.

The birth-day of LEOPOLD was celebrated at Brussels on Fri- day last week, with decent pomp, and on the part of the inhabit- ants with much seeming cordiality. The country indeed wears the appearance of unanimity, and asks only the consolidation of the peace to render it tranquil and prosperous.