24 DECEMBER 1831, Page 6

ness presented to us as the country offers at this

moment. The political meetings are over. The turns-out have turned in. The Unions meet J. Lowe (professor at the King's College, and ex-editor of the Courier); and dispute not. Trade is dull, but that has ceased to be remarkable. Mr. Patrick Johnson, Mr. Cazenove (late of the firm of Cazenove anu The Cholera still exists, but no one heeds it. All men seem by common

Co.), Mr. Whitmore (of Lloyd's), Mr. D. Cannon (of the Stock Ex- M G consent to have sunk into slumber, in order to recruit their strength -change), Mr. Ritchener (the accountant), Mr. Wharton, Mr. Gibson against the coming trial of the 17th January. A few weeks ago, there (of Lloyd's), r. M. A. oldsmid, Messrs. E. Edwards, Groom, and was

the change ?—We believe, from the Bill. The announcement of Mi- (the accountant). Pearson (formerly of the house of Samson Batard), and Mr. Adams nisters has quieted alarm and given general satisfaction. Swing still wks his stealth u y round—the misery of the agricultural labourer is

The Council of the National Political LTnion assembled, on Wednes- al mixed up with too much grossness of ignorance to permit his natural day evening, at their rooms in Leicester Square; when it was resolved that sympathies to be readily operated on ; yet even Swing walks with eabstter should he printed and circulated, soliciting the friends of Reform halting, step. We find ten or twelve fires noticed in the pages of the to subscribe to ilia fitnaLst nef the TeTe!en. Iestruttions were given to the Daily Papers, seine supposed and others asserted to be wilful; but Business Committee to prepare a petition to the House of COMMODS,, What are ten or a dozen fires, to the hundreds of thousands of stack- pluying fol. the release of Mr. Cerpenter flEd all other persons confined yards and of out-houses daily and nightly visited by as many careless isroffences similar to that of which he had been convicted against the

servants in every quarter of England ? . . Stain') Act. The Birmingham Union has published a long declaration of the ob- . , sects which it contemplates. imprisonmeut, as far as it has come mfder the coemizance of the public, The Gazette of Tuesday contains the Special Commission of Oyer has been most praiseworthy. Without compromishig his pi hie:pies, and Terminer and gaol delivery for the county of Nottingham, alluded to

which are those of a thorough Radical, he has shown himself a steady mby Lord Althorp on Friday last week. The trials will commence on the and enlightened friend to Reform, and to what ought to be its conco- 1st of Februtuy. The Commissioners are the Lord Chancellor, Lord

mitant, as it is its coneqnent, public order.] Lansdowne, Lord Durham, the Duke of Devonshire, Lord Wellesley, A monerous meeting of the sithamanuflictui.ers'al-as held on Illonday, Sir Joseph Littledale, Sir Stephen G:iselee, Sir Thomas Denman, Messrs. Lencelot Role one Gooding Clarke, Joseph Gurney, Richard Lowndea William Collisson, John Hilditch, John Bellamy, Charles Tomes, Benjamin Tomes, and Graham Le»ds. The Duke of New- mented the repeal of the protecting duties, and moved resolutions in castle, the Lord-Lieutenant of Nottingham; is omitted, as the piincipal lse to be tried is emu: ill Wbich his Grace is personally interested.

The Bishop of Hereford has signed the Anti-Reform declaration.

The I hike of Buckingham, and Lords Cavan Bolton, Rodney, Nor- inunton„ Fitzharris, and Ashtown, have done the same.

Among the signatures to the Suffolk Anti-Reform address, are the names of Lords Bristol, Howe, Manners, Bayning, and Jermyn, with L small sprinklhig of baronets and clernmen. In all there are upwards of a theasand names.—Bury Herald. The Earl of Winchilsea has caused a poor man to be convicted in the penalty of 2W. for exposing or publishing a printed bill, without the

printer's mune) on the 7th day of Novemberlast. The bill, it is added,

ran thus :—" No tithes !—No corn-laws !—No Anti -Reformers Earl W.—, Eastweil."—Kcat and Essex Mercury.


Thelleverend S. Ilunaphrey, at his late 'tithe audit at Great Denham, Norfolk, made

du ction of 15 per cent.

mint of 5 per cent,

Doctor-E. Hawkins, Rector of Purleigh, has made an abatement of 25 per cent.: tithe, 6s. 6d.; poor-rate, 6s. Mr. William Crush, as lessee of the tithe of Margaret Roothing, has abated 10 per cent. • tithe, 5s. 6d.; poor-rate, 4$. At .his late tithe audit, Doctor Bethune, at Worth, Sussex, returned 20 per cent.