24 DECEMBER 1831, Page 8


A very young gentleman, who called himself Sir Jonathan Crompton, and who wore the uniform of a Naval Captain, complained at Marl- borough Street, on Monday, of being assaulted by a person named Hanslop. " I was walking down Regent Street," said Captain Jona- than, " when the fellow at the bar, who was accompanied by several others, surrounded me, and insulted me in the most gross manner. They pulled me about, and so damaged one of my epaulettes, that it will cost me ten guineas to have it repaired." Mr. Conant—" What did Hanslop do to you ?" Complainant—" He took hold of the handle of my sword and attempted to take it from me." Mr. Conant—" Did he assign any reason for such conduct ?" Complainant—" Oh, yes ; he said that I bad no right to wear it." Mr. Conant—" You were In uniform ?" Complainant" Most certainly; I had dressed for the Levee ; and I was returning to my residence after having escorted two ladies to a ball." • The defendant positively declared that he had never touched Sir Jonathan. Mr. Conant asked the Captain, what rank he held in the service. Complainant—" Oh, Sir, I am a Commander in the Navy." Mr. Conant—" How old are you, Sir?" Complainant- " I am eighteen. Oh, no, I beg pardon, I am nineteen years of age." The Navy List was produced, but no Sir Jonathan was there. Corn- plainant--" It must have been omitted by mistake." It was suggested that it might be possible that the complainant held rank in the Army, and he was asked if such was the fact? Complainant—" Oh, I hold rank in the Army as well as in the Navy ; I am a Captain in the Guards." This was a poser: the Magistrate could not see how Sir Jonathan could be at one and the same time a Commander in the Navy and a Captain in the Guards, The Captain Commander explained :— He must confess he was not yet appointed, but " Pa" was about get- ting him a commission, and if the Magistrate doubted his word, he would send for his " Pa !" Mr. Conant—" Pray, Sir Jonathan Crompton,•who is your 'Pa?'" Sir Jonathan—" Admiral Slingsby." The case was dismissed ; and Sir Jonathan withdrew, to complain to his "Pa."