24 DECEMBER 1853, Page 18


Tuesday, December 20. •

PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.—South Coast Patent Brick Comparly,, .Eling. Hamp- shire; as far as regards B. Samuelson—Owners of Westerton Colliery, Durham— Hickson and Stani:orth, Sheffield, masons—Lotinga and Co. and S. 11. and C. Lc- tinge, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, coal-fitters—Rich and Cox, Maddox Street, M.ilors- Johnson and Co. Manchester, corn-dealers—Eisdell and Jennings, Burdett Street, Walworth Common, brewers—J. and T. Howard, Norwich, butchers—Parkiss and Meggs, High Street, Southwark, bath-keepers—Latham and Co. Bahia, merchants; as far as regards R. Latham jun.—E. and J. Lacey, Little Wild Street, bookbiudert G. and T. Walter, Milton Abbot, Devonshire, farmers—Huntley and. Maughan, New Gravel Lane, sail-makers —ffigley and Sons, Ashton.under-Lyne, contractors- Bagehawe and Humphreys, Liverpool, marine-store-dealers— Adams and Maddox, Tavistock, printers—E. and W. Challis, Greenwich, oilmen—Herbert and Walters, Pontypool, maltsters -Massey and Clegg, Accrington. cotton-manufacturers-Solo- Brothers, Borough Road, cigar-dealers-Beardshaw and CO. Leeds, stock- brokers-Staples and Lea, Newbury, ironmongers-Guest and Co. Dudley, nail-ma- sufacturers-Smith and Co. Rotherham, flax-spinners; as far as regards J. Knight __Jordan and Islip, St. Neot's, carriers-I'. and T. M. Johnson, Lichfield, architects W. and 8. Haines, Great Marlborough Street, attornies-Bacon and Kinne- wok, Norwich, printers-Dolan and Dronigoole, Harrington, tailors. Birataurrs.-WILLIAII HINDS, Bedford, plumber, to surrender Dec. 31, Feb. 8: solicitors, Linklaters, Siee Lane; official assignee, Pennell, Guildhall Chambers- CALEB AliBROSE, Sheerness, ironmonger, Jan. 9, Feb. 8 : solicitor, Wetherfield, Ba- 0118et ;olcialassignee, enlGuildh1C,amr:r- HrayW:ELEl, 1:00d,baker,ec.29ja:,soaieor ).11ktapInn.tncialaee Janson, Basinghall Street-WILLLim Cermrs junior, Ryde, carpenter, Dec. 29, Jan, 23: solicitor, Buchanan, Basinghall Street ; official assignee, Bell, Coleman street-Roasar FREDERICK MiLixa, Hammersmith, coach-builder, Jan. 4, 31 : Smiths, Southampton Buildings ; official assignee, Stansfeld, Basinghall Street-Thomas HAYwARD, Gloucester, cook, Jan. 4, Feb. 1 : solicitor, Smallndge, Gloucester; official assignee, Hutton, Bristol-Joss INNELL, Weston, Hereford. shire, grocer, Jan. 2, Feb. 1: solicitor: Kearsey, Stroud; official assignee, Acmman, Bristol-Josses Jonsson junior, Liverpool, estate-agent, Jan. 4, 25: solicitors, Evens and Son, Liverpool; official assignee, Cazenove, Liverpool-Jon-imam AN- Lamy, Manchester, commission-agent, Jan. 9, Feb.1: solicitors, De Lard and Fogg, Manchester; official assignee. Fraser, Manchester. DrvLDarD8.-Jan. 11, Powell, Rornsey, Hampshire, upholsterer-Jan. 10, Busby, Wood Street, Bethnal Green, cowkeeper-Jan. 10, Bowker, Hyde, Cheshire, inn- keeper. CzarrricAssa-Tb be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.-Jan. 11, Mathews, High Street, Woolwich, butcher-Jan. 11, Hardwick, Regent Street, dealer in ribands-Jan. 11, Powell, Romsey, Hampshire, upholsterer -Jan. 13, Glasscock, Coleman Street, baker-Jan. 10, Cobbett, Bear Gardens, Sur- rey, plumber--Jan. 12, Dormand, Sunderland, butcher-Jan. 24, Bennett, Birming- ham, licensed victualler-Jan. 19, Mansfield, Lyme Regis, ship-builder-Jan. 19, Hok.irk, Exeter, perfumer.

DRCLARATIONS OP Dynnsans.-Daintry and Co. Manchester, bankers; second div. of lid. on proofs cif Dec. 20, 1844, any Tuesday ; Pott, Manchester-Malley, Lancaster, silversmith ; first div. of 45.3d. any Tuesday; Pott, Manchester-Raleigh, Manchester, merchant; third div. of 4 11-32d. any Tuesday; Pott, Manchester - Bunt, Manchester, flour-dealer; second div. of Is. any Tuesday; Putt, Manchester -Peverelle, Liverpool, hardware-dealer; first div. of 8s. any 'Thursday; Cazenove. Liverpool-Skaife,Keighley, corn-miller; first div. of 5s. on or after Dec. 22 ; Young, Leeds-Walker,. Halifax, draper; first div. of 51d. on or after Dec. 22; Young, Leeds. Scares SRDOEsTRATION5.-11unter, GrandhoIm Works, Aberdeenshire, Dec. 28- Rose, Tain, Ross-shire, Dec. 27 -51Intosh, Campbeltown, shipowner, Dec. 31- Barles, Glasgow, builder, Jan. 4-M`Pherson, Perth, draper, Dec. 29.

.Friday, _December 23.

PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.-Keeler and Co. Gloucester Street, Bloomsbury, fancy- work-manufacturers-Humby and Melon. West Harnham, Wiltshire, farmers- Evans and Hill, Holywell Row, Shore_diteh, mill-makers-Levy and Co. New York ; as far as regards H. Levy-Osborne and Co. Jewin Street; Ty as and Co. Man- chester; and Osborne and Tyas, Paris, manufacturers of artificial flowers-Hauslip and Co. solicitors-C. and G. Phillpott; Bristol, bakers-Simmons and Wilson, Barnsley, iron-founders-Kesteven and Co. Milk Street, warehousemen; as far as regards T. Kesteven-Rodocanachi and Co. London; Rodocanachl and Co. Con- stantinople; as far as regards E. Paul and E, Pandelli Rodocanachi-Aird and Hut- ton, Fleet Street, printers-Brass and Co. Islington Green, carpet-warehousemen- Jeffs and Co. Aldermanbury, millinery-warehousemen-R. and J. Drummond, Tavis- toek Place, St. Pancras, victuallers-Dolan and Dromgoole, Warrington, tailors- Hughes and Harkes, Grey's Terrace, Great Dover Street, engineers- worth and Edman, Arlington Street, surgeons-G. M. and J. W. Tracy, Acacia Road, St. John's Wood, surgeons-J. and G. H. Stone, Middleton Street, jewellers-Reed and Street, West Street. Tower Hill, booksellers-A. and J. Heald, Liverpool, pawn- brokers-Owst and Co. Bermondsey Wall, wood-hoop-merchaots-Harcourts and Stevens, Birmingham ;and Stevens and Harcourts, and C. G. Stevens and Co. Ho- bart Town and Launceston, merchants; as far as regards C. G. Stevens-May and Co. London ; as far as regards R. V. Thurburn. BAineatirrs.-Roirenr MOONEY', Pleasant Row, Holloway Road, tea-dealer, to sur- render Jan. 3, 31 : solicitor, Hare, Gray's Inn ; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court-Joss SMITH, Brighton. stationer, Jan. 5, Feb. 3: solicitors, Linklaters, Sise Lane; official assignee, Cannan, Aldermanbury-WiLmes Iltassurrr, Bark- Wg, builder, Jan. 4, 31: solicitor, Hewitt, Nicholas Lane; official assignee, Stans- feld, Basinghall Street-RICHARD Witt's/a Sresnatow, Market Drayton, chemist, Jan. 9, 30: solicitors, Warren, Market Drayton ; Hodgson, Birmingham; official aasignee Birmingham-Jossrs WATSON, Liverpool, broker, Jan. 5, 27 : selicitor,Cross, Liverpool; official assignee, Bird, Liverpool-ROBERT ALFRED DOR-. WIGTON, Manchester, woollen-cloth-merchant, Jan. 4, 31 : solicitors, Clarke, Leeds; Taylor, Manchester; official assignee, Pott, Manchester. IvIDI14108.-.1aD. 17, Kensington and Co. London, bankers-Jan. 13, Thomas, Catherine Street, Strand, publisher-Jan. 13, Jewesson, Great Winchester Street, merchant-Jan. 13, Pothecary, Martin, Wiltshire, sheep-salesman--Jan. 13, Brooks, Holton Old Town, baker-Jan. 13, Marshall, Southampton, coal-merchant-Jan. 13, White, Waterloo Road, straw-bonnet-dealer-Jan. 20, J. B. and R. Gordon, Poplar, coopers-Jan. 20, Oppenheim, George Street, Minories, ship-owner-Jan. 17, Fowler, Bushey, Herta, cattle-dealer-Jan. 17, Wills, Portsea, trader-Jan. 13, Fawcett, York, draper-Jan. 16, Sieley, North Walsham, scrivener-Jan. 13, Fuller, CityRoad, glass-merchant-Jan. 13, Wrightson, High Street, Marylebone, grocer- Jan. 13, Gillard, New Street, Covent Garden, boot-salesman-Jan. 14, Cowlings, Ba- sing, Hampshire, miller-Jan. 14, Edghill, High Street, Southwark, chinaman- Jan. 14, Tamsett, Woolwich, builder-Jan. 16, Johnston, Macclesfield, silk-mann- facturer-Jan. 16, Fish, Helmshore, Haslingden, cotton-manufacturer-Jan. 19, Rave and Mortimer, Bury, silk-dyers-Jan. 20, Wood and Wilding, Openshaw, Lan- cashire, boiler-makers-Jan. 13, .Davison, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, draper-Jan. 20, Arnold, Clements Lane, ship-agent. CERTIFICATE8.-7b be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of naerling.-Jan. 17, Warrington sen. Upper Berkeley Street West, stainer in glass- Jan. 17, Scott, Welbeck Street, upholsterer's warehouseman-Jan. 17, Hairland, Denham, cowkeeper-Jan. 13, Johnson, Broad Street Buildings, merchant-Jan. 16, Webb, Nicholas Lane, merchant-Jan. 16, Holbeck, Marylebone Street, gold- laceman-Jan. 16, Lucas, Hingham, Norfolk, grocer-Jan. 20, Crocker, Sheffield, draper-Jan. 17, Bailey jun. Hastings, tailor-Jan. 17, Carter, Bristol, builder- Jan. 16, Fish, Helmshore, Haslingden, cotton-manufacturer. DECLARATIONS OF DIVLDENDS.-Lades, Portsea, grocer ; first div. of 2s. any Tues- day; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-Collet, Princes Street, Hanover Square, mil- liner ; first div. of Is. 8d. any Tuesday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-Harris, Re- gent Street, furrier; first div. of lid. any Tuesday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers- Chaplin, Bishop Stortford; div. of 61d. any Tuesday; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers -Hildersheimer, Woolwich, grocer ; third div. of 7s. lid. any Tuesday; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers -Long, Philip Street, Back Church Lane, victualler; first div. of 2s. 3d. any Tuesday; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-May, Edgeware Road, straw- hat-manufacturer; first div. of 10d. any Tuesday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers- Metcalfe, Fenchurch Street, merchant; first div. Is. 7d. any Tuesday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-Naylor Mortimer Street, glass-manufacturer; fourth div. of 1d. any Tuesday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-Rutherford, Agnes Place, Waterloo Raid, merchant ; third div. of Is. 11d. any Tuesday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers -Reeve, Newgate Street, woollen-draper ; second div. of 41d. any Tuesday ; Pen- nell;Guildhall Chambers, Basinghall Street-Stone, Edgeware Road, harness-maker; first dividend of 761. any Tuesday; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers, Basinghall Street- Watts, St. Ives, Huntingdonshire, scrivener; second div. of 2s. 3d. any Tuesday ; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-Winch, Margate, tailor; second div. of 7d. any Tues- day,: Pennell, Guildhall Chambers-Wood, Grand Junction Terrace, Edgeware Road, stationer ; first div. of 7s. 24d. any Tuesday; Pennell, Guildhall Chambers--Twymen, Ramsgate, upholsterer' first div. of 3s. 6d. any Wednesday; Whitmore, Baal/Isbell Street-Severn and Co.'Cburch Lane, Whitechapel, grocers; fourth div. of ld. any Weffirisday ; Whitmore, Basinghall Street-Capel, Witham, Essex, druggist; first div. of Ht. 114. any Wednesday ; Whitmore, Basinghall Street-Perrin, Liverpool, merchant; first die. of 31d, any Wednesday ; Morgan. Liverpool-Dagnall, Liverpool, comb-reanufacturer; first div. of 20s. any Wednesday; Morgan, Liverpool-T. and .11:Tucker, Liverpool, ship-builders; second div. of id. and first div. of Is. 3d. on new proofs, any Wednesday; Morgan, Liverpool-Here, Huddersfield, chemist; second div. of 51d. any Monday or Tuesday ; Hope, Leeds--Raisheck, Dewsbury ; third div. of nd. any Monday or Tuesday ; Hope, Leeds-Winn, Scarborough, linen-draper; first div. of Ss. any Monday or Tuesday ; Hope, Leeds. Scorers SFAIOESTUATION.-Henderson, New Mills, Clackmannanshire, farmer, Dec. 80.