24 DECEMBER 1904, Page 1

The first sitting of the International Commission of Inquiry into

the North Sea incident, which should have taken place in Paris on Tuesday, was postponed till Thursday owing to the delay in arrival of the American delegate, Admiral Davis. On Tuesday the other delegates were received by President Loubet at the Elysee, and afterwards entertained by M. Deleasse. Meanwhile the chief Russian witness, Captain Klado, arrived in Paris and unburdened his mind to inter- viewers. He insisted upon the necessity of immediately despatching a third squadron, which, he said, was also the desire of Admiral Skrydloff, and he informed his inter. viewers that he intended to continue his campaign for the despatch of the Black Sea Fleet. About the North Sea outrage he had no doubt at all. It was a clear moonlit

night, and he distiu_;ly saw two torpedo-boats about to attack, one of which was sunk. They could not have been Russian torpedo-boats, because none were missing in the morning. England had made a fuss because she wanted to delay the Baltic Squadron ; but her object had failed. On Thursday the Commission held its first meeting, when Admiral Baron von Spaun, of the Austrian Navy, was elected as fifth Com- missioner and Chairman. The Commission then adjourned till January 9th.