24 DECEMBER 1904, Page 23

Records of the Stirlingshire Militia, now the Third Battalion Argyll

and Sutherland Highlanders. By A. H. Middleton, Colonel. (Eneas Mackay. 10s. 6d.)—This record will be interesting to many people. The Third Battalion represents the Stirlingshire Militia. It was first embodied in the Scottish troubles of Charles I.'s time, when it was on the side of the Covenanters. In the days of Charles II. it took the other side. It was "called into being in 1715, and again in 1745, but took no part in these struggles." It volunteered, to pass over the intervening times, in the Crimean War, and it actually went to South Africa in 1902, but was too late to see much service. We must not forget to mention that from time to time it has given many volunteers to the army in the field.