24 DECEMBER 1904, Page 24

" I know the ways of pleasure, the sweet strain, The

lullings and the relishes of it ;

The propositions of hot blood and brain ; What mirth and music mean, what love and wit Have done these many hundred years and more."

And second this :—

" If soldier.

Chase brave employments with a naked sword Throughout the world ; fool not, for all may have, If they dare try, a glorious life or grave."

—In "The Standard English Classics" (Ginn and Co., is. 6d.), Selected Poems by .Elisabeth Barrett Browning, with an Intro- duction by Elizabeth Lee. Miss Lee argues with no little ability for the educational use of Mrs. Barrett Browning's poems. Whether their lack of form and finish is or is not a fatal objection is a point that we must leave open.—Game, Shore, and Water Birds of India, with References to Allied Species in other Parts of the World. By Colonel A. Le Messurier. (Thacker and Co., 21s. net).