24 DECEMBER 1977, Page 17

Student politics

Sir: Your editorial (10 December) on the restoration of free speech by the National Union of Students was slightly misleading. The impression it left was that the so-called 'Broad Left' alliance of Communist and Labour students had suddenly swung round to believing in freedom of speech. First of all, only half of the Broad Left actually voted for free speech. Secondly, none of them really believe in it, They only voted for. free speech on tactical grounds — free speech being one of the Federation of Conservative Students' main campaigning issues.

The Broad Left adopted Conservative policy in many fields at the last conference, in a clear attempt to head off the lightning advance of the Conservative students' movement. One should not imagine that this represents any conversion to sanity. The most dangerous enemies of our society are not the Trotskyist thugs, but the more subtle Marxists of the Broad Left. Sensible students should not rest until these people are removed from all positions of power and influence within the student movement. Peter Young President, Aberdeen University Conservative Association, West Lediken, By Insch, Aberdeenshire