24 FEBRUARY 1866, Page 1


THE event of the week has been the suspension of the Habeas Corpus Act in Ireland. The Houses held an extra sitting on Saturday to pass the measure, which was introduced by Sir George Grey as an Act operative only for six months. The Act, however, as republished in all the journals, provides that any person arrested on a warrant signed by six members of the Irish Privy Council may be detained till 1st March, 1867, during which period no judge or justice of the peace can either try or bail the accused except with the consent of the said Privy Council. Of course as a matter of fact no one will be detained a day beyond the time his detention is indispensable, and with regard to many the Govern- ment would, we imagine, be content to accept an agreement to leave the country. A common idea that Mr. Adams may protest against the arrest of naturalized Americans is, we imagine, ill- founded. Every alien, to waive the question of nationality, is entitled to enjoy all the benefits of the law of the country he enters, and under the suspending Act Americana in Ireland and Irishmen are placed precisely upon the same footing.