24 FEBRUARY 1866, Page 1

The arrests of " suspects" under the new Act have

been exceed- ingly numerous, and it appears from a letter of Lord Wodehouse read by Sir George Grey that 500 will be seized. Some three hundred persons would seem to be in custody, among them a number of soldiers, and the search after the leaders is getting very sharp. It is supposed that an attack made on the police in Tip- perary by Fenians engaged in drilling was dictated by fear for the safety of Stephens, the Head Centre, but this is unconfirmed. One man arrested has shot his captor dead, but usually there has been little opportunity for resistance. Troops, including the Cold- streams and a large force of Artillery, have been pouring into Ireland all the week, Liverpool is closely watched, the police in Glasgow are on the alert, and we are inclined to believe that vigilance is not spared even in London. The slightest imeute in the Irish colonies in Great Britain might be very serious, as the workmen would take the opportunity to pay off grudges of very ancient standing.