24 FEBRUARY 1866, Page 2

cellor of the Exchequer. county and borough rate. This was

in spite of two admirable Count von Bismark is tired of hearing eloquent representatives of speeches from Mr. J. 'S. Mill, in which he clearly defeated his the ad-. antagonist Mr. Lowe on every intellectual ground, but of course losers by the cattle plague, not be gue, that it is the Diet " till the end of the present Session." Then there will be high price would accrue to each cattle- therefore mainly in the interest of the owners of cattle still mark will nnattacked that the power to slaughter infected or suspected cattle is elections, for he is, it appears, determined to settle the question of given, and that accordingly they ought to pay for this power by the Duchies, and has offered Vienna a price which has been a cattle rate. But they were determined to throw the expense on all the ratepayers, who will lose therefore doubly by the scarcity, probably commence preparations for another meal, possibly of –first in their rates, and then in rise of price, —and there was no