24 FEBRUARY 1866, Page 2

it chooses, on condition it carries the other, and will

so be a Bill. That the Government do 'Sir Charles Wood has taken the title of Viscount Halifax. feebler step than one complete Bi intend to propose reform on both points we believe to be true. became 'an Earl at once, Sir Charles Wood a Viscount, Mr. Vernon Smith only a Baron. The Whig shading Indeed, the universal contumely and almost contempt with which of rank, so as to express merit, is always delicately artistic. Trans.their half measure has been spoken of throughout the country, late Earl ' superlative,' viscount comparative,' Baron ' positive.' could scarcely have left them any other alternative. Lord Russell

said to a Glasgow deputation on Monday, that he could not ex- Mr. E. A. Leatham, the late member for Huddersfield, is angry pose his secrets while they were still in manufacture. He recalled with us, not perhaps without provocation. In a speech at a Reform some previous saying of his,—Lord Russell quotes himself almost meeting at Huddersfield on Monday, he delineated the type of a as much as Mr. Carlyle,—that Governments in the House of class of theoretic reformers, among whom he was pleased to class Commons are like bees in a glass hive, and like bees, must build the reformers of the Spectator and the Economist, in these terms : up the exposed parts with wax, to avoid being too much seen, —" This gentleman was generally a man of sedentary habits and of -which Lord Russell thinks " a very proper precaution." If this somewhat dyspeptic tendencies ; he probably wore an eye-glass, was meant to teach the world to believe, when it finds a re- and he called himself a thinker." It is rather a blow to us distribution of the cellular tissues of the representation, as well as even to have it suggested that our substantial contemporary the honey for the working bees, behind the wax, that they were Economist could wear an eye-glass and be sedentary and dyspeptic. simultaneously prepared, we doubt whether it will succeed. It is We have always thought of him as wearing gold-rimmed spec- the call for a complete measure which has inspired the Govern- tacles, driving about a good deal in the City, and, like an old meat at last with courage to die, if they die at all, with the sword gentleman of good report, " not taking much wine but when he's